Blogging Is Weird

Until yesterday, I hadn’t blogged in weeks. A strange combination of not enough time, nothing to say and a general lethargy had kept me from blogging. I wanted to blog, I knew I needed to, but I just had no urge. 

To be fair, it wasn’t just my blogging that has suffered lately. Almost all writing has been down. I’ve entered a few contests, but most of what I’ve been writing has been on the editing stage of things; tweaking an old script, cutting here, adding there. I’ve had ideas but no real drive to write.

Then I had an accident at work and have been unable to work for the past couple of days. I found myself with time on my hands. And, I still didn’t write. Until yesterday. I was going through my Kindle, looking for something to read when I saw that I had finished Crystal Smith-Connelly’s latest short play collection Never Trust An Angel And Other Plays several days prior. I had reviewed her previous work, For I Am Zeus, and knew I should review her new work as well.

The words seemed to flow out of my fingers, opening a well-spring that had seemingly been dammed up. 

No, I didn’t sit down and write the next great Neil Simon comedy or Eugene O’Neill drama. I didn’t instantly become Arthur Miller, Harold Pinter or Lanford Wilson. But I had ideas and a drive to write.

Born out of a review of a play I liked but didn’t love.

So yeah, blogging is weird.