Puss In Boots

Problems to have

I notice this trend right after I have something published or about to be published, my productivity seems to go down. I spend more time on Twitter, Facebook, forums, and groups. I’m sure my publisher loves hearing this LOL I do strive to get something published every year (and so far have been successful, ALLIE was made available in 2012, TOM in 2013 [both from Heartland Play Publishers] and now BASED ON THE… hitting shelves in 2014) and 2013 was a banner year for me production wise (SUNDAY DINNER was performed in NYC, THE WAY OUT WEST GANG RIDES AGAIN was a hit in Meade, KS). But I get into this rut, where I don’t want to blog, I don’t want write, I just want to take a break.


But for someone striving to make it as a professional writer, until I hit it big, I don’t know if I can afford to “take a break”. Even my “playwright hero” Neil Simon strived to have a new production every year for a long time. I struggle to crank out some 10-minute plays and a one-act and he was cranking out 3-Act plays. Maybe it was his training with Sid Ceaser that helped?

It’s not like there is no shortage of ideas, right now my mind is awash with ideas. A 10-minute monodrama on Charles Sternberg (an early pioneer in palentology and part of the famed BONE WARS), a 10-minute play on Charles Wilbour (an early Egyptolgist), a 10 minute monodrama on the legendary Pope Joan, a 10-minute LGBTQ monodrama, complete my duet S:he Said (a twist on Little Red Riding Hood with a Rashomon influence), complete my full length The Three Challenges of Puss In Boots, expand The Way Out West Gang from a short one-act (25 mins) to a longer one-act (40 mins), expand my noir thriller 10 Minutes To Live from 20 minutes to 40-60 mins, find homes from some of my other plays, and I saw two opportunities just today for 10-minute Children’s plays. I have no idea what I want to write, how I want to write it or where to go!

Mystery, political, thriller, adventure, fairy tale, true life? 

Lots of ideas and yet…no motivation to write. I guess I just need to buckle down and WRITE and decide what happens, happens.

Author Everett Robert!

I stopped by Rhonda Laurel’s blog today to talk about Tom Sawyer, the writing process and more! Check it out Author Everett Robert!.

The Monday WIP: Happy Labor Day and Brave

It’s Labor Day here. Most people take the day off work or from school. I know I did. However, I didn’t completely ignore my writing this weekend. Inspired by seeing Disney/Pixar’s Brave this weekend at a Drive-In, theater, I’ve been reinvigorated in my work on The Three Challenges of Puss In Boots. And while my play couldn’t be more different from Brave, the fairy tale quality and the beauty captured in that film  have sparked my imagination and have inspired me to start work on Puss In Boots again after putting it on the back burner for awhile.

Also, one of my goals this month is to write at least one new 10-minute play. ESPN’s 30 for 30 film series has sparked some ideas in me. Maybe a 10-minute play about a washed up athlete or one who didn’t live up to his potential. What do you think/

WIP It…WIP it real good

So as part of this experiment in blogging and keeping people up to date on what I’m working on, I’m going to devote Mondays to whatever project I’m working on. I’m hopeful that this will keep me accountable in my writing. I’ll admit it, I’m a lazy writer at times and only get serious when there is a deadline looming.

That’s where this comes in, Monday’s will be The Monday WIP (maybe I’ll have to design a banner or something to go at the top of this). WIP, in this instance, stands for Work In Progress.

And since I am primarily a children’s/YA playwright, the majority of my WIPs will be categorized as such. But that isn’t to say that I won’t dip into my fiction writing or even my school related lit projects and papers from time to time.

That all said, let me tell you what’s new in the world of Emergency Room Productions

  • The Three Challenges of Puss In Boots
    I came up with this idea while talking to a friend of mine at an Applebees back in March. We were performing Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple and getting ready to plan whatever the Christmas show would be for the theater company we both work with. After much discussion and lots of coffee, this idea came stumbling out. It had been sitting on the back burner of my mind until this past summer after I finished Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! I had several weeks off and needed to do something, so I began writing this take on the Puss in Boots fairy tale.

    The story is simple. What happens when Puss has three challenges to overcome while being doggedly pursued by one Rumplestiltskin? This is a piece that is coming together quite well in my opinon.

  • The Story of an Hour
    I read Kate Chopin’s short story last year in one of my Intro to Fiction class and fell in love with it. it’s a beautiful and haunting story of women’s liberation in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Upon reading it I was struck by how theatrical it could be done with a strong female actor. It’s a work I haven’t put a lot of time in on, but one I want to revisit. While I always strive to make my plays “family friendly”, I do believe that theater should be used to challenge beliefs and norms and raise questions. The Story of an Hour is my first attempt at a more serious dramatic work but one I’m excited to see how it comes together.
  • So what do you think? Do either of these sound promising to YOU? What do you think of The Monday WIP? Let me know in the comments below.