mini westerns

The Monday W.I.P.: Mini Western update

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a mini western contest I entered hosted by Western author Brett Cogburn. Well I’m proud to tell you that I was selected as one of the 39 winners (out of 500 or so entries). In addition to my winning story, another of my stories was selected as a honorable mention.

So what exactly does this mean? Well it means that my winning story will be published in High Hill Press’ upcoming anthology Cactus Country III and the possibility exisits that my honorable mention winner will be published in Cactus Country IV.

I’m very excited about this new publishing opportunity and I’ll let you know more about it when more information becomes available.

On a different note, I do want to apologize for my blogging absence the past couple of weeks, I had some things come up in my world outside of writing to forced me to be away from my computer for 2 weeks. Hopefully this won’t happen again anytime soon.