Fort Hays State University


Many people have heard of Oktoberfest, a celebration of German, Volga, and Bavarian culture. It traditionally runs 16-18 days starting in mid to late September and ending around the first of October in Munich. Oktoberfest has since spread to several major cities and college towns. My own town, Hays, KS, has been celebrating for almost 40 years and coincides with Fort Hays State’s Homecoming celebration.

The month of October is also National Arts and Humanities Month, a time to celebrate the arts. As President Obama has said, “The arts embody who we are as a people and have long helped drive the success of our country.”

That’s why I am suggesting a change in October, instead of celebrating Oktoberfest (or in addition to), I want to encourage you to celebrate ARToberFest. See a play or a musical, write a play or a musical, read a book or write a book, read a poem or write a poem, draw or paint or visit an art gallery. Find a way this month to celebrate the arts. Then end the month with “All Hallow’s Read” and give away books with treats at Halloween.

I know I promised…

I know that I promised I would be more active this week on my website and post my usual Wednesdays With Will and The Friday Free For All, but I”m going to have to cry your pardon this week. I’m going to try and keep my schedule but I have several events coming up in the next few months that may mean I don’t post right when I said I would despite my best efforts. I’m currently acting in and assistant directing an original musical called Bone Wars. I’m also helping with publicity and who knows what else with Heartland Community Theater’s Christmas Show The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

On a side note, you may notice some changes here on the old website. One of the reasons I didn’t get this week’s Wednesday post up was that I was taking some publicity photos. Big thanks to Jen Grey and Special Moments Photography for her outstanding work.