Gun Control, Safety, and Aftermath Plays

I have updated the Free Scripts page of my website with three new plays, all dealing with the issue of gun violence. These scripts are located at the top of the page and are free to perform for anyone, but I do suggest you make a donation to any organization helping to deal with the issue of gun violence in the United States today.

These selections are particularly well suited for high school forensics students, but have been performed by other theaters as well.

I have also included comments about these plays culled from reader comments on the New Play Exchange.

Warning Shots: A short monologue for young actors

What is this! Two blog posts in one week. What is this madness?

Well it’s been a productive week so far, in fact there may be another blog coming this week as well. You’ll just have to wait around and see won’t you?

Now, to get to the point of today’s posting. A couple of years ago, I saw an opportunity to write a short piece inspired by the American Civil War for a production in Washington DC. In response, I wrote Warning Shots. It is a dramatized retelling of the two attacks on Lawrence, KS before and during the Civil War; the first by “Border Ruffians” (pro-slavery supporters) the second by Confederate leader William Quantrill. In this monologuWare, a young girl named Aella (which means “whirlwind” in Greek and was the name of an Amazon warrior in Greek mythology) witnesses these attacks and tells her story and what she learned.

Warning Shots was performed originally by the EMU Theater company in Lawrence, KS in November of 2015 to great response. Since then, it has kind of sat on my shelf. But I recently asked the daughter of a friend to perform it for a recording. I then “sweetened”the recording and present it to you now.

Warning Shots performed by Jocelyn Goodwin, directed by William J Goodwin, produced and mixed by Everett Robert.

If you would like a copy of Warning Shots you can find it on my Scripts page, at New Play Exchange, or feel free to contact me directly. I am offering this script, FOR FREE to students, schools, and community theaters.

The Monday WIP: Happy Labor Day and Brave

It’s Labor Day here. Most people take the day off work or from school. I know I did. However, I didn’t completely ignore my writing this weekend. Inspired by seeing Disney/Pixar’s Brave this weekend at a Drive-In, theater, I’ve been reinvigorated in my work on The Three Challenges of Puss In Boots. And while my play couldn’t be more different from Brave, the fairy tale quality and the beauty captured in that film  have sparked my imagination and have inspired me to start work on Puss In Boots again after putting it on the back burner for awhile.

Also, one of my goals this month is to write at least one new 10-minute play. ESPN’s 30 for 30 film series has sparked some ideas in me. Maybe a 10-minute play about a washed up athlete or one who didn’t live up to his potential. What do you think/