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Author Interview: Samantha LaFantasie and the Addicted to heroines Blog Tour

Addicted to Heroines Blog Tour Interview with Samantha LaFantasie, Author of Heart Song

As many of you know, the lead roles in both of my published plays are girls. I think that the “Heroine” plays as big, if not bigger part, in modern mythology as the hero. And that’s why I support this upcoming blog tour and think you should too. To help promote it, I conducted a brief interview with my fellow Kansas writer, Samantha LaFantasie. Samantha is a fantastic writer and a board member of the Kansas Writer’s Association (of which I’m a proud member)

What is the Addicted to Heroines Blog Tour about?

The tour is all about the heroines of fantasy and why we love them or simply just can’t get enough of them. Five authors have come together to do character interviews with their leading lady, guest posts, discussions on Goodreads, as well as prizes and giveaways.

Who are the participating authors?


The mastermind behind the tour is Alesha Escobar.

Author of The Gray Tower Trilogy.


tlkDevora Fox.

Author of The Lost King.



Francene Stanley.

Author of Still Rock Water.



Cecelia Robert

Author of Truly, Madly, Deeply You.


HSSamantha LaFantasie.

Author of Heart Song.

When is it?

Starting February 1st through the 10th

Where can it be found?

By visiting

You’ll find out what’s going on and when and even have the chance to participate in some awesome giveaways and snatch some fantastic prizes!

Also, stop by our Facebook page.

Thanks Samantha and break a leg with the blog tour!