What do others say about the works of Everett Robert?

Allie In Wonderland

“ This is a delightful revisit to Wonderland through the eyes of Allie (an older Alice obsessed with her technology). Faithful to the spirit of the novel, Robert has kept the nonsense and silliness of the Lewis’s characters intact. Filled with chases, audience participation, squabbles, tea and cookies – there is something for every age to enjoy. The bonus is that during the course of the play, you root for everyone (including the Queen). ”

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“I laughed at the hatter and hare. The way the audience is included helps keep the entertainment value up as well as the fun banter that goes on.
I love how it teaches us that with your imagination and belief in it anything is possible.”

“Follow the play as the denizens of Wonderland do their best to try to make Allie remember who she was and what Wonderland once was. It was a cheerful reminder of the power of imagination and the wonder of being a child…Allie in Wonderland is a short, charming, and enchanting play and one that I truly enjoyed reading. I give Everett Robert credit for taking a tale from childhood, giving it a new spin, and telling us all that it is okay to dream.”

“I enjoyed…this journey through fun and dilemma, absurdity and word play.”

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Gun Play-An American Fairy Tale

“An in your face short play about a topic that frustrates many, seen through the eyes of the past and future of this country. What could have been preachy, Robert turns into a call to action and then gives the solution. Good work.”

“If your theater is interested in presenting an evening of short plays on gun control or current political issues, then choose Robert’s Gun Play. An intelligent short play on gun control, presenting the arguments for and against. Robert captures perfectly the voice and idiocy of Right-wingers that are anti-gun-control, and in doing so teaches Lefties, liberal readers/audience members, how to understand the opposition and win an argument–every time. Thank-you. “

Gun Play-An American Fairy Tale on New Play Exchange

Warning Shots

“Stand-alone historical monologues are rare, and those with a 16 year old even rarer. Warning Shorts by Everett Robert presents this girl’s account of the attacks on Kansas. There is a sense of urgency in this monologue that is lacking in most monologues, a speaker who needs to tell her story. And there are some startling revelations of monstrous cruelty suffered by this girl that I didn’t know happened during the war. The monologue reminds us that what we love most about someone who has passed were the stories that were told and their fight for what was right.”

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“Madness, death, and the supernatural are all Southern Gothic elements this creepy short features. The play moves back and forth seamlessly between present and past, dragging with it characters that can find no peace in either. 

“Sheer tragedy; a tortured family, and who knows? Maybe we do fail to move on until things are settled. Tense and lean, this work by Everett Robert is the perfect play for horror fans and Halloween festivals. Keep a blanket nearby. 

“A great play that draws you in with an engaging narrative and sharp dialogue. 

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Unanswered Questions

 “Know a high school student that needs a powerful monologue for audition/competition/forensics? Then have her check out Everett Robert’s Unanswered Questions. In a world “ruled by violence,” a girl grasps for answers like fingers in the dark, trying desperately to make sense of a recent school shooting. Vivid. Poignant. Shocking. A must read. “

“ This’s certainly one of the most effective monologues concerning experience of a school shooting that I’ve read. The girl is angry and confounded and somehow makes sense – within her purge and journey – of the political arguments that are coming (or are soon to come) against her and those with what is her less-and-less unique position. She breaks down the absurdity of teachers obtaining and utilizing guns as a deterrent. More or easier access to violence in response to violence is simply not the answer. Everett Robert’s monologue both blooms and oozes at the cracks. An enraging, fuming work. ”

Unanswered Questions on The New Play Exchange

Hey Joe, What Do You Know?

“Raises a lot of excellent questions about one of most overlooked figures from the Bible — Joseph the father of Jesus Christ. Yeah, this guy deserves better from us! He should go right up there with Abraham and Moses. Bob’s questioning makes a powerful argument why this figure is an unsung hero, a special guy that deserves his own song. Definitely a tested figure who proved to be brave and who changed the course of history. This figure is definitely the stuff of drama. A great addition to church services (definitely!) around the holiday season. “

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