Audio and Video

You can watch full performances and staged readings on my YouTube Channel

Allie In Wonderland (Heartland Play Publishers Trailer):

Allie In Wonderland (Production, Hill City, KS, March 26, 2010):

The Absolutely True Story Of Tom Sawyer As Told By Becky Thatcher (Production, Hill City, KS July 3, 2011):

Sunday Dinner (Staged Reading, Mind The Gap Theater, New York City, NY March 27, 2013):

The Way-Out-West Players Ride Again or The Fastest Play In The West (Production, Dalton Gang Hideout and Museum, Meade, KS April 27, 2013):

Sunday Dinner (Staged Reading, Spokane Stage Left, Spokane, WA January 31 & February 1, 2014):

Murder At Home (A Radio Drama, Sherri’s Playhouse, September 14, 2014):

Allie In Wonderland (Production, Page One Studios, Roswell, GA, March 2015):

#JohnDoe (A Radio Drama, Sherri’s Playhouse, November 2015):

#JohnDoe (Production, Hays Community Theater, Hays, KS, April 2016):

My Thoughts And Prayers [clip] (Production, Fancy Pants Theater, Kalamazoo, MI, August 2016):

Warning Shots (Jocelyn Goodwin, Directed by Bill Goodwin, produced by Everett Robert):

A Prayer For Waiting (Production, Samuel French Bookshop, Hollywood, California, October 28, 2017):

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