Month: October 2014

Promotions, new plays, and acting challenges

I know I’ve been promising more and more blogs here on my blog but as the title suggests, I’ve been busy.

So what have I been busy with. New plays for starters, I just finished a stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and have sent it off to a potential theatre out here for their debut show. Hopefully I’ll have some news on that in the coming days. I’m excited about this show because it is the first full-length play I’ve written in a long time.

I also started a new play, inspired by some weird things. It always amazes me what sparks imagination. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were talking to her son about the “27 Club” and the musicians who died at age of 27. I was also thinking about an old Stephen King short story called “You Know They Have A Hell Of A Band” from an old anthology of short stories called “Shock Rock” about a couple that finds a little town called Rock and Roll Heaven which is inhabited by the spirits of deceased rock and rollers. It’s a story that I haven’t thought about in a long time and I haven’t read in probably 19 years or more. The fall/Halloween season always inspires me. My short play “Lot 249” was also originally written in this time frame.

That brings me to my next thing and what lead off this blog. Promotions. The short play I mentioned “Lot 249” is one of the four plays included in my collection Based On The… This collection is published by Black Box Theatre Publishing and is made up of four short plays that are inspired by or are re-tellings of stories that have been previously published and are in the public domain. I’m really proud of this collection and don’t spend enough time promoting it. So, if you are in the market for a different type of read, a fun read, or for a short play, I suggest mine. I’m also looking for some reviewers for this collection, so if you want a complimentary PDF copy, drop me a note in the comments or in my email, Facebook, etc and I’ll send you a copy.

I recently talked about Based On The… on “Chatting With Sherri“, a podcast interview program for authors. I talked a lot about my thoughts on theatre, the arts, the importance of arts in education, and my plays. Sherri also produces “Sherri’s Playhouse”, which is here my play Murder At Home aired. Murder At Home is available to listen to anytime via YouTube or the BlogTalkRadio website or you can go to the video section of this website. Spend 45 minutes during this fall/Halloween season with myself and my cast of talented actors with this thrilling story.

The next show on Sherri’s Playhouse is a play that I didn’t write but I’m getting to act in! It’s written by a super-talented writer and young playwright. We just finished the first night of rehearsals and as I’ve been writing this, I got an email with notes for my character. So I’m going to wrap this up and go read my notes.

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