An Official Statement from Emergency Room Productions and Everett Robert

Some may think I kowtowed to pressure, some may think that I’m a coward. I may be trying to cap something off that is too late. Let me state that I stand by my original post. I stand by what I wrote. However,  for the students involved, their safety and their future, I have edited my original blog “We’re Seniors Too“.

I fear that Google Searches on these students names will bring up my original article and they may be viewed as troublemakers, I fear that letters of recommendation will be withheld, and participation in future activities may be halted. I am afraid for what the next 12 weeks of school for them may hold as I have already seen backlash toward them begin to appear from their fellow students and parents of their fellow students. I don’t want them bullied because of something I wrote and I don’t want them to be punished because of something I wrote.

I never imagined that this would reach almost 20,000 page views in 50+ hours. I have been overwhelmed by the response and at times almost sick with what to do. I have been moved to tears by the stories I have heard coming out of schools across Kansas and the United States of student artists who have felt marginalized and alone. To them I say, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the original students in the article and their parents, I do apologize if I caused you any undue harm or stress. It was never my intention. I believe you know that my intentions were good and I don’t think any of us ever expected this to explode the way it has.

To the original school in question, I apologize to you as well. I never meant any disrespect. Your community has never been anything less welcoming and supportive to me. I thank you for your spirit of hospitality to me. I do hope that, in the future, you consider though, how you organize your senior nights.

To everyone who shared the original post, who commented on it, who liked it. I thank you as well for standing with these students and their cause.

Everett Robert
Playwright-Emergency Room Productions
Feb. 28, 2014


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