Month: July 2013

What Are The Critics Saying?

I don’t promote this much, because, well I’m still figuring it all out, but I am on Goodreads. I have all my plays listed there and once in awhile I will get a review.

So what are the Reviewers saying about Allie In Wonderland and how are they ranking it?

They like it! They REALLY like it, with an average rating of over 4.5 Stars (out of 5)

Highlights from the reviews include:

“I love how it teaches us that with your imagination and belief in it anything is possible.”

“Allie in Wonderland is a short, charming, and enchanting play…I give Everett Robert credit for taking a tale from childhood, giving it a new spin, and telling us all that it is okay to dream.”

“This children’s play (though not really, it’s for everyone that hasn’t lost important childhood qualities), expertly written by Everett Robert, a master of dialogue, stagecraft and the use of word play)… I came away from reading this play by making two resolutions: (1) to reread the original story; and (2) to make sure my imagination is given time to exercise itself each and every day of my life. Else I too might shrivel up and go looking for Alice to remedy.”

“I enjoyed it.”

Thank you for all the reviews so far. If you would like to read Allie In Wonderland or any of my plays for review purposes, send me an email or drop me a message here.