140 Words

I tweet. Not a lot, but some. The reason I don’t tweet more is because I hate the 140 character limitation. Every word, every period, every space is precious in our attempts to get points across. I guess that’s why I like Facebook, I can ramble and type and blog to my heart’s content. But I can’t do that with twitter, on twitter I’m anchored to those elusive 140 characters.

Why do I bring this up? I found out that Mind The Gap Theatre in NYC is holding an open submission call for plays of…140 words. No more, no less (not counting character names). This is part of their celebration of World Theater Day (March 27th, mark the calendars). 140 words., that’s not a 10 minute play, that’s a flash in the pan play.

When I write a play, I try to make every word precious. I strive to make sure that every word that comes out has a purpose and a meaning, that there is no fluff to be had. Can I do this in 140 words? Can I tell a complete story  while making sure each word has an impact? I guess we’ll find out, won’t we.


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