Support the Arts follow up

In a follow-up to yesterday’s blog, today is Arts Day At The Capitol here in Kansas sponsored by the Kansas Citizens for the Arts. If you a) live in Kansas and b) support the arts and c) think that our government should too, I urge you to contact your district Representative or state senator and let them know!

Some facts about Kansas and the arts. In 2011 Governor Sam Brownback said that the arts “were not a core service deserving of public dollars.” and eliminated the Kansas Arts Commission and ended its 45 year history of supporting the arts in Kansas. It also brought an end to the nearly $2 million Kansas received in matching funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Mid-America Arts Alliance. Gov. Brownback instead touted a private organization called the Kansas Arts Foundation, Inc. which in its first year raised almost $106,000 dollars to support the arts. That first year, they gave out ZERO DOLLARS in grants and so far this year have granted only $6,500.

Gov. Brownback has also proposed cutting the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission (a government agency the legislature created in the wake of the KAC’s elimination) budget from $700,000/year to $200,000/year.

Again, I urge you to contact your district Representative, state Senator, and the Governor’s office and let them know you support the arts! If you’re not sure WHO to contact or HOW go to the link below.


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