Why Children’s Theater

Last week, I tweeted about two chances to support HS theater programs that needed help, one through Fundly and the other through Kickstarter.

Then, a couple of days later, I shared two links on my Facebook and Twitter pages regarding why children are better adults and employees because they studied theater.

These are reasons why I write, for the most part, children’s theater. I believe that if we give children quality theater; theater they can see and theater they can participate in, then they are better off as they grow up. I’ve seen children, who have had little or no self-confidence, come to life on the stage. I was a kid with little to no self-confidence who came to life on the stage. I’ve drawn on my theater experiences in different points in my life. In addition to giving me self-confidence, theater has taught me how to listen to what people are saying, how to critically think, how think on my feet, how to deal with the public. I’ve seen practical uses of math of critical reading and yes engineering while working on stage and off.

I understand that the US wants to focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in education. But w cannot do it in exchange for the arts. These two departments can and should live, not only side by side, but work with each other. Then we’ll have truly well rounded students.


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