Truth Is Stranger Then Fiction or Happy Birthday Mr Twain, Thanks for Everything


“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities: truth isn’t.”
Mark Twain

Today is the 177th Birthday of Samuel Clemens, or as he is better known as, Mark Twain. Today is also the day I signed a publishing contract with Heartland Play Publishers (who previously published my Alice In Wonderland based play Allie In Wonderland) to publish my original play based off of Tom Sawyer entitled The Absolutely True Story of Tom Sawyer As Told By Becky Thatcher.

20121130-105403.jpgThat’s right, the little play I wrote a year and a half ago and was orginally performed on July 4th Weekend, 2011 at the Frontier Stage in Hill City, KS, is being published…with the contract signed on Mark Twain’s birthday.

This wouldn’t have been possible without major props and help from those that put it together, espicially the cast and crew ofThe Absolutely True Story Of Tom Sawyer As Told By Becky Thatcher and all those in the Hill City who came out and saw it. It’s also important that I thank my Junior High and High School music and drama teacher, Bill Blue, who took a group of 8th graders and did a musical version of Tom Sawyer. I loved theater and acting prior to that, but I felt as if that show was where I found my calling and why Tom Sawyer was the first adaptation I ever attempted.

That’s right, while Allie In Wonderland was the first play to be produced and published, I first attempted to adapt ALL of Tom Sawyer into a one-act play. It sat on the shelf, but not out of my heart, while I worked on Allie. The next year, I rolled out the idea again and worked on crafting it with a strong female presence and discussed what the story of Tom Sawyer would look like from Becky’s point of view. After a long night of fun, laughter, and jotting down ideas with a friend of mine, I began writing The Absolutely True Story Of Tom Sawyer As Told By Becky Thatcher.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the publishing process and let you all know when it will be available. Thanks again for all your support of Emergency Room Productions and myself.


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