The Monday W.I.P.: Mr Wright’s Right Idea For Writers

It’s something writers, including myself, get asked all the time. “Where do you get your ideas from.” Acclaimed writer Harlan Ellison said”A post office box in Schenectady. You send in two dollars and a self-addressed stamped envelope and they send you back an idea.” Humorist and newspaper columnist Dave Barry has a similar answer. His response was “Wisconsin.” Australian writer Ruth Park said hers came from “The Ideas Factory.”

This is the basis of my latest 10-Minute play WIP, MR WRIGHT’S RIGHT IDEA FOR WRITERS. The monologue will look at a harried man named Mr Wright as introduces a group of new ideas into what he does and the service he provides.

My goal is that this will be a funny look at where ideas come from that will be appropriate for high school actors doing a humorous solo piece.

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