Amazon Giveaway!

Everybody likes free money right? And you love to know what’s going on in the world of a struggling playwright and author, right? Well now you can get both, information on me and my latest thoughts, comings, and goings as a playwright and $25 in the form of an Amazon gift card.

“How Everett? How can I take advantage of this amazing amazonian offer of an amazon gift card?” It’s easy peezy, lemon breezy. Go to my Facebook page and click this . That will enter you in my giveaway. Once I reach 125 likes on my Facebook page, I’ll give away the $25 gift card. But not before. So in addition to “liking” my page, you need to share it.

“But Everett, I already like your page?” Great question Liker, and guess what, that means you’re already entered to win!  Now share my page with others so that we can give this away as soon as possible (or before I spend it buying more books for me 😉 )


    1. One entry per person. Since I”m trying to generate 125 unique likes on my Facebook page, there is only one way to win. That is to get 125 unique likes on my Facebook page. To accomplish this, share share share
    2. If you’re an adminstrator on my page, you’re not eligible to win (although share share share)
    3. Once you win, you won’t be eligible to win another giveaway like this for six (6) months.

Please consider supporting me by liking and sharing my Facebook page and Goo…wait since this is a theater/playwright page I shouldn’t say “Good Luck” so I’ll say BREAK A LEG!

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