30 Day Challenge: Building My Platform: Goals and Milestones

Why are goals important in platform building? In my opinion, it gives a glimpse into me the writer and you can see where I’m going and what I want.

These goals are going to be broken down into three catagories: Very Short Term (month of two), Short Term (a year or two), and Bucket List. I might cheat a little bit on Short Term (with a year) but I’ll explain when we get there.

Thanks again to Sean O’Murphy’s Very Novel Blog for this challenge.

Very Short Term (A Month or two)

    • Finish first draft The Three Challenges of Puss in Boots
    • Write at least one, new 10 Minute Play
    • Finish the 30 Day Challenge
    • Write one new chapter in my novel, The Last Hand
    • Get marketing postcards for Allie In Wonderland in the mail

Short Term (A Year or two)

    • See The Absolutely True Story of Tom Sawyer As Told By Becky Thatcher published
    • See Allie In Wonderland produced by at least one school, children’s theater, or community theater
    • Reach at least 500 followers on my Facebook page and website
    • Graduate from Fort Hays State University and have secured a teaching job
    • Have The Three Challenges of Puss in Boots produced or workshopped
    • Have The Three Challenges of Puss in Boots submitted to a publisher
    • The Last Hand finished
    • At least 10 new, original 10 minute plays written
    • Have entered at least two writing contests
    • Have entered at least two specific playwriting contests
    • Have at least two short stories published
    • Attend a Broadway show in New York City

Long Term Goals and Bucket List

    • Able to make a living as a full time writer
    • Written at least one musical
    • Write at least one play a year
    • Won a least one national playwrighting contest or fellowship
    • Secured a publishing contract with at least one major play publisher (i.e. Dramatist, Samuel French)
    • See at least one of my shows produced in Los Angeles or New York City
    • Attend the Tonys
    • Be able to travel to NYC to see a Broadway show at least once a year
    • Have lunch with Stephen Sondheim, Lin-Manuel Miranda, or David Mamet
    • Have drinks (tea, coffee, etc) with Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Stephen King, Joe Hill, or Elmore Leonard
    • Collaborate with Lin-Manuel Miranda on a show
    • Written and produced a movie script
    • Have secured an agent
    • Have The Last Hand published and see it made into a movie


  1. This is way cool! And the fact that you took the time to organize your lists and post them is a great sign that you will meet them. I was just telling blogger, Jennings Wright that I wish I could be as organized as she is…you guys are making me look bad. Lol. Lots of Luck to ya!

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