Building My Platform: A 30 Day Challenge: Day 1


Reading a fellow blogger and follower’s site,Very Novel, he posted this 30 Day challenge to help “build your platform.” A platform, simply put, is everything I do, online and off, to build my visibility and authority. As a writer, my platform is connected to my brand (the who I am as a writer) the distinguishes me and makes me different from other writers.

So without further adieu, let’s begin!


This first day is a commitment to the challenge. I’m committing by thinking about and defining myself.  Who am I?


Name (as used in byline): Everett Robert

Position(s): Founder – Emergency Room Productions, playwright, actor, director, full-time student, Professional DJ Entertainer

Skill(s): Play writing, directing, acting, fight choreographer, stage crew, entertainment, news reporter, music mixer

Social media platforms: FacebookTwitterTumblr

Memberships: Dramatists Guild of America, Playwright’s Center, Kansas Writer’s Association, Oklahoma Writer’s Federation

Interests: Writing. Reading. Watching movies. Live music. Comic books, YA Literature, Live Theater, Acting, performing, traveling, speaking.

In one sentence, who am I? Everett Robert has devoted the past 20 years of his life to crafting and perfecting the art of theater and sharing that knowledge with children and young adults through writing, directing, and acting.

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